Monday, October 11, 2010

How Weather Contributes to Slip & Fall Accidents

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By James Witherspoon

Slip and fall accidents typically occur because something has reduced the friction on a surface. That slippery variable can be a number of things, and often it is induced by weather. In a cold climate, the formation of ice on a surface can seriously reduce a persons ability to control their motion. In wet weather, rain can also greatly reduce the traction provided by a surface. Even warm weather can create slippery situations by causing condensation to form quickly. All of these types of situations put a person at risk for slipping. This risk is elevated if it is not readily observed.

Any business, home, or other property is responsible for ensuring the general safety of their customers and visitors. This includes taking reasonable steps to prevent slips and dangerous falls. A business can be held liable for injuries that occur on their property if reasonable steps were not taken to prevent an accident. As such, ice on a step or pooled water on a walkway may be the responsibility of the business who owns the property.

Even though weather-related dangers can arise quickly, it is still the responsibility of a property owner to alleviate that risk to the best of their ability. In a cold environment, where ice is a common threat to the safety of guests, a property owner should take care to remove this dangerous ice or to direct people away from it. Ice can also form underneath snow formations where it is not apparent to guests and visitors.

Pooling water can also provide an unseen threat. Even a thin layer of water significantly decreases a person's stability on a surface. Ensure that the places you frequent take the proper steps to maintain their guests' safety by caring for weather-related dangers.

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James Witherspoon

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