Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When a Lawyer Can Help With a Personal Injury Case

There are many legal cases that can be handled by citizens without the help of a lawyer. For small claims in civil court, the cost of hiring a lawyer is often higher than the cost of the claim. If you are lucky and the other party behaved maliciously, you might get the court to pay for all your legal costs. If you have been sued however, the only way to recover any court costs is to sue them back, which leads to a drawn out legal process. Personal injury cases complicate the matter, especially if your health is in a state where it would be hard to represent yourself.

If you were severely injured, it is best to hire a Denver injury attorney because the cost of your medical bills will probably be significant. Not to mention that you want to spend your time recuperating and not talking to witnesses and dealing with the insurance company.

The first thing the injury lawyer will do after talking to witnesses is start recording all your losses from the accident. These may be medical bills, lost work or personal distress. The higher the possible compensation, the larger the possible range and things like negotiating with the insurance company start to kick in. The insurance company's job is to pay as little as possible, so it is better to have a Denver personal injury lawyer to represent your interests.

If you were sued for an injury someone is claiming you are responsible for, it is also a good idea to have legal representation. If the charge is ridiculous you can move to have it dropped, but it is important to not ignore any lawsuit or the other party can ask the judge to rule for a default judgement. This means if you never respond to the lawsuit, the plaintiff automatically gets whatever they asked for.

Other cases where having a Denver personal injury attorney represent you is important are ones where the other side is sure to have an insurance company and a high power legal team on their side. This may be a doctor or hospital in medical malpractice cases or a corporation in negligence cases that led to injury. Injuries from toxic products are also hard to get paid because these conglomerate corporations have both the best legal teams and defenses set up through their legislative lobbying. Proving a toxic chemical injured you often requires expert scientific witnesses.

The last case where it would be prudent to hire a lawyer is if the insurance company for the defendant refuses to pay. Insurance company lawyers are even more well versed than the average corporation at dodging their legal responsibilities. You may have to hire a lawyer to get anything at all, although you will have to pay the cost of hiring. For large cases that the law firm judges could be quite lucrative, the firm may offer to take the cost of their services out of the settlement if they win.

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